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AMS (Aircraft Maintenance Systems) specializes in providing onsite Maintenance support at any airport worldwide, as well as Repair, Overhaul management of Instrumentation, Electrical/Electronic System Components, Accessories, Landing Gear, wheels & brakes for the Defense and Commercial Aircraft Industries.

Aircraft Maintenance Systems (AMS) is a company specializing in the complex art of providing on site repair support & engineering the defense, commercial aircraft industries as well as operators and repair stations worldwide.

AMS repair services is cost effective, providing maintenance, repair & testing under the FAA regulations fulfilling the requirements for airline & operator sustainment.

A Lifetime of Experience
AMS features a high end crew of seasoned veterans who already have a number of decades in the aerospace industry whether commercial or military. This combined experience helps us to lead our industry and plays a massive role in our company’s reputation for excellence. Our people have the knowhow, the will and the desire to make these repairs happen, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. As professionals with a proven aerospace background and years of experience, our quality programs and initiatives are second to none!

Aircraft Maintenance SystemsUpdated Knowledge
The aerospace industry is always changing. There are always plenty of new innovations whether in the cockpit or out. When it comes to an aerospace repair company, you want to ensure you have a company ready, willing and able to become certified for the next big thing. Our trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to use their own technical skills, but they are constantly acquiring new skills and training for the new age of technology.
Aircraft Maintenance Systems Company e keeps a fluid communication between our repairs & engineering network, repair facilities worldwide and among the airlines / operators themselves.

Safety in Flight
When it comes to aerospace, you want a team with the experience and ability to repair, overhaul and support your company in a timely manner. This is precisely why you need a team like ours on the ground and ready to go to perform works at any airport and any time; whether you’re dealing with routine maintenance or an occasional emergency. That being the case, you’ll always need to make sure you have the right crew with the right experience.